In-Country Support & Promotion

We provide in-country support and promotion for iPhone apps in Japan, Korea, and China. They are: Target Analysis, Press Release, Editor Review, Customer Review, Social Media Marketing, In-country Support Center, and Local SNS Account. Here are the details:

  • Target Analysis

    We will analyze your apps and find out the best targets in Asian countries for you.

  • Press Release

    We will create the news copies and submit to the best local newswire firms. We will provide detailed reports about the statistics, press inquiries, and pick-ups. This service is good when you launch your iPhone apps, or have major updates.

  • Editor Review

    We will create marketing copies and send to local influential online newspapers/magazines/web sites/blogs/miniblogs/forums/SNS networks for them to review your apps. We will report the pick-ups and valuable feedback to you.

  • Customer Review

    The local iPhone users will download and write reviews for your apps in the country (Japan, Korea, and China) App Stores. We will provide reports containing review analysis, reviewers' demographic, review contents, and other reviews for comparison purpose.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We will put banner ads on the famous local social media sites for targeted marketing for $ CPM (cost per thousand views). Some of those web sites deliver 1 million pageviews per month.

  • In-country Support Center

    We will set up an official development blog site for your apps locally and provide support in local languages for the apps. This local support center will mirror your home-country marketing efforts, answer questions, report feedback for innovation purposes, connect to local influential forums/blogs/medias, form a user base, and support local communities. We will provide monthly reports to you.

    Our goal is to help clients offer not only the best products, but also the best customer experiences. We work to help clients achieve their support, marketing and innovation missions through the in-country support centers.

  • Local SNS (Social Network Service) Account

    We are excellent communicators who are experienced with a wide variety of tools for online interaction, from online forums to blogs to chats, and especially to social networking tools in Japan, Korea, and China. We can mirror your accounts in Twitter/Facebook or any other SNS networks and create/maintain accounts for you in the top local SNS networks in Japan, Korea, and China.

Contact: info@iPhoneLocalizer.com